Who Am I

Hi, I’m Ingrid and I am a resilience, leadership and wellbeing coach driven by positivity. I am so pleased you are here! It means I have the opportunity to show you how I can support you through your transitions.

Learning to live with constant change has become my passion, and learning how to flip negatives and fear into positives has become my natural way of life. My purpose in life is to empower, inspire and enable others to live their best lives. If you want to live with purpose, positivity, passion and progress, I would love you to connect with me.

I’ve experienced it all: divorce, debt, death, redundancy and entrepreneurship. And if that wasn’t enough change to deal with, I’ve worked through the challenges that come with moving cities and living abroad… 18 times.

Oh, and I love dark chocolate, red wine and elephants!

“This experience, combined with my leadership and personal development skills of coaching (ICF), NLP Master Practitioner, Goal Mapping Practitioner, Resilience Practitioner (RQi), Emotional Intelligence (EQi) training has led me to where I am today: happy and grateful!”

Fear is My Thing

Everything in life is about mindset and choice. Learning how to overcome fear is a powerful enabler for continued progress and growth. When dealing with fear and change, setting goals and working towards them can seem out of reach, let alone achieving them. I believe everyone can achieve. I have created a strategy in one of my programmes, Fabulous Fear, to help people steer through change.

This simple  step process has helped me and many others overcome fear:

  • Feel it!   Growth starts with self-awareness
  • Face it!   Step beyond your comfort zone
  • Find it!    Discover your true self
  • Flip it!     Create your future path
  • Fuel it!    Understand how to keep yourself on track

What I Do

You are not alone. 

I help entrepreneurial women and those in small businesses who seek leadership support and tools and techniques to progress in their career. I often find myself working with women who have lost inner confidence and self-esteem and need to be able to get themselves “back on track”. All of this, I do this through 121 or group coaching, facilitation of workshops, and talks.

I use over 20 years of experience in leadership and personal development, as well as my own experience as an entrepreneur, to enable and support woman in their personal and professional lives to find their purpose, work towards their visions and goals whilst maintaining balance and wellbeing.



My No Fear Journey

Find out how I can help you overcome fear, grow and set a path of continued progress.

Planning your best 90 days yet!

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago…. the second best time is NOW!“. 

What would you like to achieve within the next 90 days?  Confused about the future?  Need to find some clarity and direction?    This self explanatory 90 Day Planner will help you get back in the driving seat and help you move towards your future success. 

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