Are you a chronic procrastinator?

The blur and pandemic fog is beginning to lift.

We have been in a confused state for over a year, not knowing the date or time of day, wearing baggy trousers (Madness) and going about life with different stresses.

People are being encouraged to return to their office environments and if you are like me, you are fumbling around, shifting paper and procrastinating the inevitable for fear of getting this perfect.

So, I wanted to talk to you about this thing procrastination and perfection.  Ironically, I have procrastinated in getting this newsletter out to you this week!

Procrastination is all about putting off doing tasks and actions until a later time.  In his book, “Eat that frog”,  Brian Tracey, who was one of my first personal development hero’s, talks about eating the big ugly frog first, thus avoiding procrastination.

Not dealing with the important issue or task at hand can lead to unwelcome outcomes such as feeling overwhelmed, stressed or even missing out on opportunities, extended hours at work, resentment or even guilt.

Did you know that 20% of us are chronic procrastinators?

You will fall within this 20% if you notice that many areas of your life have “irritations” or “fallouts”.  For example, missing appointments, late in paying bills or getting to the shop after it is closed.

One of the causes of procrastination is that of perfectionism!

Perfectionism – of course there is no such thing as perfect!  Striving for perfection only results in negative outcomes, such as procrastination, rigid “all or nothing” thinking, comparasonitis and leads to lack of creativity.

Seeking perfection is unhelpful in that it leads to feelings of “fear of failure”, unworthiness and low self-esteem. Ultimately you become so scared of not doing something perfectly that you don’t even get started.  The pressure of getting it right causes “paralysis”.

My encouragement to you to overcome perfectionism is to:

  • Let go! Take a chill pill!
  • Stop with the comparasonitis mindset!
  • Stop holding yourself accountable for some impossibly perfect ideal.
  • Start practising mindfulness
  • Live in the NOW
  • Use compassionate self-talk
  • Delete the inner critic
  • Challenge negative self-judgements

The trick is to endeavour to deliver your best and remember that progress over perfection is far kinder to yourself and will help you learn along the way!

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