Are you in “peak performance”?

It is the start of Wimbledon tennis this week!  YAY!

Staying with the theme of sport, I wonder how many of you have read the book, “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallway? A wonderful book that talks about the mental side of tennis.  Of course, the message in the book can be applied to everything in life.

The ability to win or succeed at anything in life is all about our ability to quieten our minds so that we can step into our “peak experience” of the moment.  This “peak experience” moment is when you are “at one” with yourself and the thing that you are doing.  The moment when you are not comparing to a previous moment or experience.  We are seeking the moment where you are 100% IN the moment and in flow.

Being able to be at your best requires no judgement.  So, in the game of tennis, that means no judgement of the shot you have just played, no judgement of distractions you may have on the court, no judgement of weather, no judgement of the umpire, quite simply, no judgement.

The thing is the moment a tennis player (you can relate this to anything you do in life) loses focus by judging a shot that didn’t go well, they are then distracted by focusing on how they can correct it next time and if this distracted thought process continues, it could ultimately lead them to thinking, “I’m having a bad day”.

And so, I thought that this might be a good moment to remind you to do a little “check in” with yourself.  If you are feeling a little rattled, off piste, not on your game at the moment, consider that what is missing is “your inner game”.  Your inner state is what counts most in life.  Read any book about survivors or horrendous atrocities in life or those people who are successful in careers or sport, they all talk about their “inner state”.

What do we mean when we talk about our “inner state”?  It is mindset.  It is the thing that impacts what information you access in a situation and how you respond in that same situation.  Here’s the thing, we are all different. because of what we all perceive in life, where we all choose to place our attention and how we experience ourselves in relation to the world around us…

So, let’s pretend we are all playing Wimbledon this week and it is important to be at “peak performance”.  How we will do this is by:

  • Being 100% present in the moment
  • Not judging yourself or others
  • Not comparing to anything or anyone

As Oprah Winfrey says about being present, “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

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