CHILL. Step back.


Step back.

Let it come to you.

Trust the process.

Keep your vibes high.

These are all words and phrases that either I say to clients, or I am told by associates of mine.  So irritating to hear when you are trying to deliver an outcome!

There are times when we get so consumed by creating the outcomes we want, as they appear not to be heading in the right direction or at the pace that we want it all to unfold.  And so, we get frustrated, upset and angry that things are not going our way. Agree?

And this becomes more frustrating because you are up against the wall from a time perspective and you perceive that the more you chill, the faster time ticks forward!  The more frustrated you get, the less of a solution you can see. Not exactly a win/win situation.

You are so frustrated that it becomes difficult to “trust and go with the flow”.  Anyway, what does that really mean?  Go with the flow?

Well, it really means to take a back seat, stop driving, stop forcing, stop trying to control the direction.  The universe (just to go whoo whoo on you) is sending you messages to STOP!

By continuing to force against what is not falling into place, you are working “against flow”.

Going with flow means to be in a relaxed state. To be ready and able to accept the situation you find yourself in and NOTICE.  Just notice what happens. Notice how you feel about things that you experience. Notice the triggers.  Notice that when you don’t force an outcome, life moves in a direction anyway that is often better than the option you were trying to create.

As Bob Proctor says, “Fear and Faith both demand that you believe in something you cannot see.  You choose.”  Fear disempowers the mind and creates experiences you don’t wish to have. You second doubt yourself and make mistakes when operating from a fear base.  Instead, have faith in the process.  Trust Faith.  Go with the flow.

Become clear about what you want and then “let it go”.  Be mindful and hold the outcome in your vision and of course at each choice point in life, take the step forward that you feel most aligns with your vision.

And guess what?  If the step that you chose, does not work out…. You get to choose again😊 Remember rejection is redirection.  Setbacks are perfect pauses for thought and find ways to create new ways to map out your plan.

Be careful not to wallow in any setbacks and create a “low vibe” of energy.  Don’t “Mood Hoover” your own energy. Find a way to have “faith and not fear” to enable you to see the opportunities.  Low energy and focussing on all that is wrong will only create tunnel vision and reduce the opportunity to see “blue skies”

Be like the flower that has faith in nature and trusts that it will bloom when it is ready to bloom and when all that is around it is right to support and nourish it’s growth.

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