Connect with nature to help inspire new perspective & improve wellbeing

Nature has a wonderful way of diminishing your problems into almost nothing.  Being amongst nature you very quickly find how your stress is reduced.

It is no secret that I walk amongst nature every single day.  As Spring emerges, I have found myself walking more and more amongst the woodland areas where there seems to be a lot of bird activity.  Yesterday noticing the beautiful carpet of bluebells. I always feel energised and “topped up”.

No matter how busy you are in life, please find time to engage with nature.  Find a way to schedule it in to balance your wellbeing.  If you live in a built-up environment, look up!  Notice the stars, notice the birds singing from the rooftops.  Nature is everywhere.

There is so much research around that backs up the fact that people who engage with nature feel happier and healthier than those who don’t. Nature also strengthens well-being through awe by making us feel connected to something that is greater than ourselves. Being in awe of nature shifts perspective and brings calm.

Invest time amongst nature to help lead towards improved health benefits such as feeling less stressed, improved sleep, and a lower risk of many mental healthy ailments.

Here are my 5 simple ways to bring nature into your daily life:

  1. Take a walk. (Without your phone!) Whilst walking, use all your senses. Listen for the birdsong, smell the air, touch the plants, see the colours.  Taking time out to use your senses will help you feel more relaxed and connected
  2. Soak up the sun’s rays. Make time to see the sunrise or set.  Notice the difference in temperature as this change happens.  Notice how the colours change and become aware of how the noise increases as life wakes up or how the noise decreases as life settles in for the evening.
  3. Find a woodland to help you reduce the size of your problem. Look up into the trees and notice how tall, strong and resilient they are.  They have weathered many storms.  What can you learn from them to help you through your “storm”?
  4. Reflection in water. Ah, the cleansing qualities of water…. Find a natural body of water and gaze into the surface and find time to reflect on life itself.  Are you aligned with your true self?
  5. Get grounded. Find time to remove your shoes and place the soles of your feet on mother earth for 10 minutes a day. Sometimes called “earthing”.  This therapeutic technique helps electrically reconnect you to the earth. Try it…

Enjoy connecting and energising yourself.  As we begin our journey back into working in the cities and offices, let’s not forget to stay connected to nature, for it is the thing that helped many of us through the pandemic.


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