Happiness does not pay the bills

A quote I have had thrown at me a few times this week is “Yes, but Ingrid, happiness doesn’t pay your bills”.

By now you are all thinking, where has the upbeat, inspiring Ingrid gone?  I’m still here.  And still very much a great believer in following your passion, purpose and carving a path in life that fuels you rather than depletes you of your energy.  It is important to find something that inspires you.

Let me explain ……….

When working with clients as a Coach, our sessions often turn to coaching for inspiration and support because the person / group I am working with seeks transformation.  The client wants to shift from where they are “now” to where they wish to be in their hearts, mindsets and outcomes.

This is the job of a Coach, to help shift a person from a place of “meh”, “stuck” and “don’t know” to “yay”, “clarity” and “energized”.

It is tough to dial up the feeling of inspiration as we emerge from the long dark pandemic tunnel where we navigated our way through the VUCA  (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex Ambiguous), world. Yet, it is a little inspiration that we need to help us focus on the future, feel good about where we are heading and dial up our energy.

So, what is “inspiration”?  There are two ways to look at it…….

  1. You are inspired by.
  2. You are inspired to.

When you are inspired by, you are “awakened to” new ideas and possibilities that lead to the transitional change you desire. And then being inspired to moves you towards take action.

Therefore, I guess, inspiration, leads towards creating something new and opportunity.  Had we as a species never being inspired to be someone better or do something more exciting or fulfilling, we would have stagnated and not evolved to where we are today.

Remember that finding this feeling of inspiration will help lead to growth, positivity and possibly self-actualisation.  Inspiration helps you find new open doors and supports transformation. The feeling of being inspired will also help with your wellbeing and performance.

So whilst, during coaching sessions, it might appear that I am asking you to find “happiness” what I am really encouraging you to do is to find a way to be inspired so that you are able to create new opportunities and perhaps carve out a new pathway.  Travelling down a pathway where you are inspired, I promise, will pay the bills.  You will excel at the thing you do, if you are inspired.

So, find your “mojo”, be mindful to avoid living a life filled with “have to”, “should”, “must”.  You will only be adding unnecessary pressure to yourself.

And I leave you with this fabulous little fable to ponder.


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