Make friends with life!

Life appears to be a constant battle at present.

Do you feel that you are constantly fighting with life?  Have your plans and wishes been thrown off course?  Are you feeling that often things don’t go according to plan? Perhaps you think yourself unlucky as opportunity windows keep closing?

How are you responding to these situations?

I bet you are getting upset at all that is outside of your control or what life is currently imposing on you.  You find yourself fighting life or not making friends with life.  Nothing seems to flow anymore. It all seems so unfair and so hard.

Am I right?

Well, I am going to propose that you change how you think and feel about life.

Trust life.  It is what it is.  Trust the process.

When things appear to go wrong, trust that there is  reason for this and that in fact life is throwing you a gift that you may not yet recognize as a gift. There is a lot to be gained from life if we trust that we are exactly where we need to be for now.

It is all about perspective and how you choose to view situations.  Walking in the rain could be viewed as miserable or as a gift because you are able to walk in the rain.  Your choice.

Imagine life as a friend who is constantly changing and providing you with gifts.  You catch these gifts, sometimes viewed as a challenge, and open the boxes of gifts with gratitude.  Practice gratitude in every moment and you will notice how much more you love life.

If you hate life, you just dodge the learning and the gifts and end up not enjoying it.

So, make life your friend.

Catch the gift box.

Find the gift.

Thank life as your constant friend.

Treat life as your friend and it will treat you well.

Try this little exercise today:

Close your eyes, bring something to mind that has been upsetting you recently.  Notice the negative emotions you feel about this situation. Consider this to being a way of fighting life and not trusting life as a friend.

Now, imagine life is a close and loving friend and has given you this situation as a gift, a loving gift to serve you.  Consider how this gift is there to serve you.  If nothing comes to mind, make a guess.

Feel the gratitude of having a good friend that is looking out for you, even though you don’t recognize them as loving gifts yet.

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