Tip Toe If You Must. Just Take The First Step

  • Are you feeling a little confused, lost and unsure of how to move forward right now?
  • Are you looking for support but are currently unable to commit to a specific time or coaching session?
Sometimes taking the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Learning how to set goals that are achievable, realistic, and actionable is the first step to connect who you are, who you want to be and who you can be.

What is the Mini Goal Setting Workshop?

This workshop is designed to get you started and help you take your first steps towards your future. You will have access to downloadable videos and worksheets to work through in your own time and at your own pace.

What You Will Learn

By completing this goal setting series, you will:

During this self-directed online programme you will:

  1. know what you wish to achieve, why you want it and how to move forward
  2. discover your strengths and use them to advance towards your goals
  3. visualise your dream outcome
  4. learn how to map out your goals
  5. take actionable first steps towards your dream outcome

What does it include?

The Mini Goal Setting Workshop includes three short videos each with a short exercise to get you on your way.

The three videos are focused on:

  • The value of reflection and using your strengths to propel you forwards
  • Discovering your WHY and deciding on WHAT you wish to achieve
  • How to use goal mapping to take your first steps towards your future self

  • Yes, I am proud of the way I’ve got to a better place in life by letting go, letting people in, taking advice and living my best life and not being a martyr!  Without you being at my side and providing me with the space to make the shifts I needed to and when I was ready, I am not sure I would have got here.  Your support and coaching over the years has been invaluable. You’ve been a true inspiration! Thank you! Frankie

  • Love your videos!
    One of my chapters would probably be about having more courage to grasp opportunities. I'm working on it!

    Katherine Hulls

  • You have helped me more than you realise over the last few months

    I got a perspective of how fragile my position was. I got a chance to look at myself, realise my potential and most of all believe in myself. I was able to look at my position and make decisions, firm decision about directions of where I need to go. I am much more confident in decisions that I made both professionally and private life matters. I know clearly where I’m heading to put myself in a much stronger position to build my family a much more secure future. I know exactly where to go, what to get, how long is going to take me and what it will feel like to get it. Since this ‘realisation’ my thoughts have been clear and positive, a lot of things have changed for me. Almost as the universe was aligning everything to help me overcome obstacles and things that I’ve waited for, just came through. I’m not the same person, mentally I am so much stronger, empowered by your wisdom and knowledge. I could not thank you enough much love

    Examples: i made a great decision about my career and qualifications to secure better opportunities in the future and if anything happens to my job, I will be in a much stronger position to have many more doors open My son was accepted to a school at the end of my street, no more 1 hour commutes in the morning to get him to school. Walking from now on and mostly not having to rely on anyone with school runs I was able to see through the ‘nice’ words and empty promises of my ex partner, who wanted to get back together. I was able to not fall for the same empty promises and firmly stuck with my decision. I am happier than I have been in over 13 years. I can now look back and see how toxic that relationship had been and how I was manipulated over the years. Realising myself from that trap, bubble bursting, it’s a powerful feeling and there’s nothing that can be said or done to ever get me back in that position. I finally found a doctor who actually listened and I got a diagnosis, all my health problems are now explained and I’m starting medications to overcome those health issues. I’m eating better, sleeping better. Life is good, I’m not scared to do it alone as I know that I have the strength to love myself and start a new life

    Kat Da Silva

  • I did the Fabulous Fear course with Ingrid.

    I loved working with Ingrid - she is absolutely authentic, has fantastic energy and a passion to die for! I found it so helpful that Ingrid took us through a step at a time and the course built up to mapping out our first steps towards our goal. For me it made it feel so achievable and Ingrid gave a great mix with information and practical exercises. There was time to reflect and it really helped me to increase my self-awareness and discover what I truly wanted to do and be. I particularly loved how Ingrid shared her own personal experiences and her journey as I was able to relate to this. The whole course came alive for me alongside being so practical as well.

    My biggest take-away has been being able to really truly pinpoint where I want to get to. I have been muddling along for ages, letting life just take me along, now I feel I have found my true direction and have connected with what is really important for me personally. I have found this very powerful and motivating.

    I would thoroughly recommend working with Ingrid - she is absolutely unique. Ingrid has a great energy and she shares so openly and with such great passion, I found it thoroughly infectious. Ingrid has experienced a lot and I think this really contributes to what she can give to others. This is an inspiring and motivational course which has a practical outcome. I would, without doubt, recommend this course.

    Jo Scott

  • I recently completed the Fabulous Fear Programme designed by Ingrid.

    The programme is designed well with a good balance of theory and reflective practice. Ingrid has a lovely style and creates a really a safe space for learning and growth.  She is also extremely knowledgeable, and this comes through in the way the course is designed as well as the content. I particularly enjoyed the visualisation exercise. In the day to day pace of life, it was great to stop and think about what it is I wanted life to look like, to help me then design the life I want and align goals accordingly.

    I enjoyed the full programme and found value all the way through. If I am forced to choose one thing, it will be goal setting. The lockdown has really changed my life both personally and professionally. This programme was perfectly timed as it allowed me the space to think through new goals and left me feeling very positive, even in a time that could have been very difficult.

    I absolutely would recommend anyone working with Ingrid!  Absolutely! Ingrid has immense value to share and anyone that gets to work with her will feel the same.

    Anusha Parshotam

  • I was thrilled to be working with a school friend from many years ago who presented me with just what I needed at just the right time.  I had stopped teaching at the end of 2019 with many plans for 2020.  The reality of Covid-19 put pay to all these plans, and for two months I floundered.

    I’ve always had goals and objectives, but now found myself without a focus.  After doing Ingrid’s courses below, I started studying again!  Only this time it was what I wanted to study! I registered at UCT and start my Copywriting course on Monday!

    The courses I completed are:

    Find strength within your reflections (Reflection exercise)

    Visualisation (Relax and imagine what you wish to achieve)

    Map out your first steps (Using the Goal Map Achievement Plan) to help me find my what, why and how!

    Thank you Ingrid!

    Karen Pilkington

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