The Raisin Test Recipe

This was a popular recipe recently shared with some of my clients and I wanted to leave this here as a reminder for anyone reading this.  Use this recipe daily to help you be your best, always.  Mindfulness does not mean that you have to sit with your legs crossed and chant “ommmmmm”… it can be as easy as taking a few moments away from your desk or busy life and following this recipe.  Enjoy!

Ingredients:       1 x raisin, 1 x you fully present with eyes closed, 1 x 2 minutes


  • Sit comfortably, take in a few deep breaths, focus on your breath until calm
  • Reach for the raisin
  • Observe the raisin, the colours, textures, the weight, the temperature
  • Raise the raisin towards your nose. Notice the smells
  • Close your eyes
  • Pop the raisin into your mouth and hold it on the tongue
  • Stay focussed on the raisin, ignore everything else
  • Notice the flavours, textures and what happens in your mouth
  • Chew slowly and follow the raisin as it melts and slips down your throat
  • Savour the moment for a little longer
  • When ready, open your eyes

Repeat this a few times a day to get centred and break the cycle of busy thoughts. May also be tried with a little piece of chocolate!  Enjoy!  Often served as a compliment to “me time”.

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