Too blessed to be stressed

Love that quote!

I heard it for the first time on Saturday and it really got me thinking about how many times we (I) ignore focusing on all the good in our lives.  Taking a moment to be grateful for the small things such as the ability to have a warm drink, eat fresh fruit, have a roof over our heads.

Just saying “too blessed to be stressed” out loud, immediately reduces the intensity of the perceived stress in the moment.  It immediately gets you to “count your blessings” and focus on the good in the bad.

And on the back of a Mental Health Awareness week, last week, we explored through the theme of nature, how we can improve our mental health each day by simply taking 15 minutes daily  to connect with nature.

It is completely natural to have fluctuation in mental health as life is so unpredictable.  The seasons of nature, however, are predictable (mostly). Just like a farmer has strategies and tools to use when needing to adjust to the late April showers (in the UK) so do we need strategies and tools to help with balancing our mental wellbeing.

My message in one of the talks I delivered to an insurance company this week was “Disconnect to reconnect”.   For every moment you “power down” you begin to build your energy and calmness that ultimately enables you to see things clearer.  Perhaps try out my own simple strategy, below.

A simple strategy to 

maintain or restore Mental Wellbeing

  • Take at least one bank of 15 minutes each day to disconnect with thoughts & technology
  • Use these 15 minutes to help reconnect with mother nature using all your senses
  • Count your blessings, one by one
  • Repeat daily

Notice how you will feel “too blessed to be stressed”

Put things into perspective.  Instead of focusing on something that may be out of your control for now, “flip” your thoughts to focus on what is within your control and what is already great about your life.

Take action by getting into the driving seat of being able to create the life / career you desire by giving yourself a head start with self-care and being clear about what is important in life and then for you in this life. Only you are responsible for your self.

If you would like some help with initiating this action so that you can find balance, clarity and direction, please get in touch directly.

And, staying with mental wellbeing balance, in the UK we have now been given “permission” to hug another human being.  Fundamental for our mental wellbeing.  Whilst I have my own view on whether a government has the right to tell us whether or not we can hug our family, please just get hugging!

Find out how I can help you overcome fear, grow and set a path of continued progress.

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