True or False? Self-care helps you perform at your optimal best.

I say true.

Self-care is 99% MINDSET! 

There are many definitions that define self-care.  Apart from believing that it is 99% mindset, below is one of my favourites.

Self-care is actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health that promote human development.

It is not selfish to take care of yourself.  You will be in a better position to support and help others if you put yourself first.  Think about it as the ripple effect, when you are well and in an optimum state of flow you thrive, and this immediately has a positive ripple effect on those around you.

Practicing self-care means that you put yourself at the centre.  Often difficult to do when others need us to support them.  Sometimes by not being selfish, results in burnout for us.  This certainly does not set us out to be great role models for those around us.  Great leaders look after themselves.

There is no badge or recognition for having “Bizzy-Disease”.

It is time to put yourself at the centre and create a mindset of self-care so that you can build inner strength and have clarity to focus on your goals. Begin with writing a list (love a list) of the things that make you feel well or on the flip side that make you feel unwell. Select one of these that make you feel well and begin to create a new helpful habit that leads to self-care.

If you were less tired and less stressed, what would you be able to achieve?

Being tired gives rise to negative thought patterns and provides room for Imposter Syndrome to sneak in.

Don’t be surprised to find the simple things on this list.  Self-care is often related to our physicality and elements such as enough exercise, the ability to get a good night’s sleep and to have a balanced diet.

What mindset do you have about self-care?  Is it one that will help you thrive or just survive?

If you are thinking about your future and making plans for what you wish to achieve, I am going to encourage you to begin with thinking about what self-care behaviours you can put into place today.  Ignore this and you may not have a future to plan.

Find ways to bring in lightness into your life.  Find the things that make you happy and fuel your soul.  Live in the moment.  Have the discipline to stop and think and carve out time to take a break and self-care.

What can you start today to give yourself maximum self-care that would make you more resilient, perform better, feel better if you practiced this daily for the next month?

If you still need convincing, then here are 10 simple reasons to make self-care a priority.

  • You will perform at your best
  • It helps maintain self-confidence and self-esteem
  • It helps focus inward and what is right for you and your body
  • Builds resilience
  • Energises you
  • Time invested now is time gained in the future
  • It can be social
  • It prevents burnout
  • Gives you a sense of being in control
  • Enables you to support those around you effectively

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