Walk and Talk

1 in 4

people suffer from a common mental illness each year, such as

anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic to name a few.

The World Health Organisation uses the following to describe Mental Wellbeing.

“a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

So, it is about being able to cope and handle life’s constant changes so that we can operate in an effective manner and be part of our communities, be that work or social communities.

This is such a large subject, and I absolutely will not be able to cover it all in this one article, however it is important to make sure that we keep talking about it.  Mental health changes as fast as life changes around you.  We have all been through so much change in recent times and it is highly likely to have had an impact on each one of us.

Increased loneliness, heightened overwhelm, increased vulnerability for “letting people virtually into your home, your safe space”, panic as we have more discussions about returning to the office.  All of these a life factors that will contribute to how mentally well you will be feeling.  Don’t ignore it!

Imagine Mental Health to be similar to the tides of the ocean.  They ebb and flow as life ebbs and flows.  Do not be afraid to reach out if you are having an “ebb” in your emotions and thoughts.  To get back into “flow” perhaps follow one of the tips below to help yourself (or another) begin to feel better about themselves.

  1. Notice your thoughts. All thoughts become feelings and ultimately cause us to behave in a certain way.  So, notice if you or someone around you has changed behaviour recently…. Consider reaching out to understand what might be going on “inside”.
  2. Be kind, always. You do not know what is going on for another person.
  3. Find time to connect with nature, it is a healer. Find a body of water to “be present”.  Water has a calming effect on all of us.  The colour (sometimes blue), the stillness and the occasional lapping of the waves create a calmness.
  4. Breath deeply. Belly breathing.  Expand your tummy, forget what you mother told you about holding your tummy in, let it all hang out and breath like a baby.
  5. Walk and talk. One of the most powerful ways of “unpacking”.  Walk alongside and listen or talk.

Remember to take as much care to restore you own battery as you do your mobile phone!  Plug in to keep topped up!  Avoid running on empty.  Do the things you love to do to get you thriving and excelling!   Where are you on this continuum today?

And that is all I have enough for today apart from encouraging you to find time each day to step out into nature each day.  15 minutes will do the trick! 

And if no-one else wants to listen or talk, I am always available for you.

Find out how I can help you overcome fear, grow and set a path of continued progress.

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