Are we over or under reacting to the Fear of Covid19?


We are living in a world fraught by fear right now.  Fear of the unknown. 

I was horrified recently when I was out in the park walking the dog, talking with a friend (face to face), let’s call her Joan.  Joan was physically bumped into by a 3rd friend by mistake, a very light bump caused by avoiding one of the dogs running around. Joan’s reaction to this incident was abnormal and it horrified me.  Her reaction was to shout out loud and shake her head profusely “Someone’s touched me!”  Is this not an overreaction of human interaction?  What the hell is happening?

Let’s calm ourselves down and deal with our fears that appear to have escalated in recent months.  Covid19 has not helped the diffusion of fear and rather increased numbers have levels of anxiety and confusion.

Let’s face our fears and challenge their value and decide whether they are worth holding onto or would it be better to let them go?

By challenging your fears you will be questioning beliefs you have that potentially hold you back.  For example, fear of going into the office, taking public transport, making a change in career, relationship, responsibility or environment will all hold some beliefs about why you should stay “as is” and not make the change.  These are likely to be linked to your core values such as security, independence, freedom, family, culture etc.

So, what stops us from making the change and how to do we face our fears?

Let’s begin by understanding more about fear itself.

Fear is an emotion that originates from perceived danger or threats.  This causes a physiological change in our bodies that ultimately results in behavioural change such as running away, hiding, or freezing.  Fear can appear in anticipation or expectation of a perceived future threat.  The emotion of fear is there to serve and protect us.   It is also worth being mindful that we are born with only two fears:  the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. Both for good reason!

My encouragement to you, now being aware of the above information, is to take some time out to consider:

  • What is in your way of you moving forward right now?
  • What are your potential fears?
  • What are you afraid of losing?
  • What are you afraid will happen when you make a change?

Review your list and consider whether the fears you have are real or perceived?  Are these fears or concerns in place because of beliefs you may hold?

Tip:  Reframe your beliefs by putting a positive spin on your fear or limiting belief.

Instead of being fearful and not speaking up because you are overloaded at work. Reframe your thought to something like “I best speak up as they are probably unaware of the stress I am under.  I know that the company are keen to look after our wellbeing.  In addition, I cannot afford to be unwell and stressed at this time.”

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