The power of journaling and will it change my life?

“Words are but pictures of our thoughts” John Dryden

Will journaling change my life?

Hmm, not sure about that.  What I do know is, it will help you cope better in times of pressure.  I have journaled for about 10 years and always feel “lighter” after dumping my thoughts down onto paper.

Journaling is a way of unpacking and sometimes words turn into mind maps or badly drawn pictures of what I am seeking or chasing rather than unpacking.  So, I shift from being unsettled to a state of optimism and possibility.

I find that I don’t necessarily reread anything until many months later.

I am not sure that there is a specific strategy as I am “self-taught”, follow your heart and listen to your inner thoughts to clear the head or plan your future.

Journaling is a vehicle for mindfulness.  I seem to be finding more and more ways to be present in life, journaling is one of them.

It helps clarify thoughts and emotions and brings you into the present and often leading to new perspective.  It is very cathartic and sometimes an eye-opener.

I have many journals, this one (left) is my favourite and one that I use to get “deep into my thoughts”. I’ve had it for 7 years and it still has a few blank pages to fill.  Perhaps one day I will publish the contents!

Tips for journaling

  • Buy yourself a notebook that you are drawn to for capturing and treasuring your inner thoughts
  • Keep the book close to hand
  • Be consistent with your journal entries
  • Notice your mood variations
  • Clarify your goals, desires and hopes
  • Get into a calm mindset before journaling
  • Date your entries (fab to see how you have progressed)
  • Decide what you are using your journal for, is it:
    • simply to “unpack”?
    • to capture your gratitude (great practice)?
    • a dream journal (to capture your vision)?

Whatever your reason, enjoy the process!  You will be happier and healthier!

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